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Team store is currently closed. Stay tuned for future opening in the announcements.

Orders can be made at

Please be mindful of what you are ordering.  While most styles with PINK hues are for women, cycling bib and cycling jersey is available for men in this color.  While most styles in the GOLD/TURQUOISE are for men, cycling bib and cycling jersey is also available for women in this color.  

Items in the store will have a prefix of M or W.

Items that are unisex include arm warmers and knee warmers.  Sizing guidelines available at 

If you have questions, please see the FAQs below.  If you still have questions, please contact  


Team Kits FAQs: 
Q. Are the fit kits exactly what our team kits will be like? 
A. No, the styles have been updated throughout the years and the fit kits are not the most up to date.  But, the fit should be almost exact.  For more updated styles check out  You'll notice that for the aero race suit, for example, there is a full-length front zipper that allows you to almost fully open the top portion of the suit. 

Q. I think that I know my size, do I still need to try stuff on? 
A. I would strongly recommend that you try them on, as sizing varies across different brands. 

Q. Will we be able to order other items besides cycling or tri kits
A. Yes, in addition to a variety of tri and cycling pieces, we will also have run tech tees, run capris (with pockets!), cycling wind vests, and hoodies. 

Q. At the fitting session, nothing seemed to fit me.  What are other options? 
A. We received a limited number of pieces for the fitting sessions.  However, more sizes will be available once our store opens.  See sizing guidlines here ->    

Q. I won't be able to attend a fitting session, what can I do? 
A. Visit the sizing guidelines page at  

Q. I wish we would have ____ style in ____ color.  Will this not be available? 
A. Due to minimum order requirements by the vendor, we are only able to offer the more "in demand" items.  With that said, we will be offering an option for men's cycling (jersey and bib shorts) in the pink skies and (jersey and regular bike shorts) in the turquoise.  For women's cycling, we will offer (jersey and bib shorts) in the turquoise and (jersey and regular bike shorts) in the pink.  If you are still wishing for a different color in another style, I would suggest trying on the men's (if you are a woman) or the women's (if you are a man).  There is no hard set rule that should prevent you from doing so! 

Q. When will the online store open? 
A. We are hoping towards the end of this week, or sometime next week (President's Day week). 

Q. When will we receive our orders? 
A. We are expecting for all the orders to come in towards the end of April or beginning of May. 

Q. How much is everything? 
A. Pricing obviously will depend on the pieces, but Zoot has been generous enough to give us a special discount of up to 20% on some of the items.  Please also expect a 3% credit card fee, sales tax, and shipping fee. 

Q. Do we still pay shipping if ordering above a certain amount? 
A. Yes, with each order there is a flat shipping fee of $6.99.  If you are making a small order or just want to save on shipping, buddy up with other athletes and ship to one address!  

Q. Is it mandatory to wear the team kits
A. No, but we hope that you do!  Not only does it give our club unity during training and racing, but it is much easier to pick you out during a race.  Volunteers can cheer harder for you, and you will be more easily caught on camera when we have volunteer photographers on the race course (free race pictures)! 

Q. Will the store open again in case I want to order something else?
A. While we anticipate having another opening (sometime towards the mid-end of the year, or early next year), we cannot make any guarantees. It would be dependent on several factors, including demand.

Q. What if I mess up my order?
A. It happens!  If it is before store closing, please contact Zoot at

Q. Do the women's tri tank have a bra insert?
A. No, they do not.


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